School to Tools Visit Covenant Schools!

Student working with rep from School to tools

On October 18th, Mr. Eason, Director of Career Pathways for Covenant Schools, brought Schools to Tools to visit with our students at the Southwest Campus! Schools to Tools is a mobile unit that provides students with information, training, and hands-on experiences they need to make informed decisions about their possible future career. Each campus had a designated time to come and visit their trailer, which housed AI stimulations of “a day on the job.“ Students really enjoyed doing the different workshops that School to Tools set up for them. “I must say this was a successful event,” said Mr.Eason. Here at Covenant Schools we believe it is important to expose our students to different career opportunities in order to broaden their perspectives and empower them to make informed career choices. Students who are exposed to diverse career paths are more likely to consider pursuing careers outside of their usual fields of interest, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and success. Exposure to different careers also helps students understand the skills and education requirements that are relevant to various fields, which can guide their academic and extracurricular choices. Additionally, exposure to different careers can break down stereotypes and biases that may limit students' potential and aspirations. We plan to bring more activities like this one to our schools.