Shelter and Housing

Fair Housing Act's Familial Status Protections and Fact Sheet Now Available

This webinar and fact sheet is designed to educate U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) program participants, including housing providers and housing consumers, on what qualifies as illegal discrimination because of familial status and who is protected under the Fair Housing Act. These resources are sponsored by HUD's Office of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity (FHEO). View them at the links above.

For urgent homelessness shelter needs, see information below:

  • Covenant House Shelter for ages 18-24
  • Family Promise provides hospitality to homeless families and keeps them together in a time of crisis.
  • Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community.
  • Mel Trotter Ministries: demonstrating the compassion of Jesus Christ, through rescue and restoration for anyone experiencing hunger and homelessness.